Hack Your Back Pain

Do you have back pain and been told you need to lose weight to get rid of it?

You've Been LIED to

Have you exhausted every solution you can think of for your back pain?

Are you tired of having to adjust your daily activities because of pain and stiffness in your back?

Are you sick of wondering when your back pain will interfere with your work again?

So were these people...




Hi, my name is Laura Coleman Waite and I am a virtual

personal trainer specializing in back pain.

Are you at the end of your rope as nothing seems to help the stiffness and pain in your back?


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to tackle back pain by engaging three overlooked & underutilized muscles in 27 days or less so that you can return to the activities you love.


Imagine getting out of bed without back pain or stiffness in the morning, looking forward to exercising, and running after your dog at the park-

Because you CAN!

It's not just backs that feel better...

Also hips, knees, necks, and shoulders too!

Does this pique your curiosity?

I am offering a few spots in a live group coaching program...

This Group Coaching Program Is For You If...

  • Spent too much time managing pain and terrified it will strike at any time or prevent you from working?
  • Exhausted all possibilities to return to your old life
  • Forced to stop doing the things that make your back hurt’
  • Given up your favorite sports and activities, because you hurt doing them (or pay later!)
  • Sadly watched when you'd rather play with your kids or grandkids 

This Group Coaching Program Is NOT For You If...

  • No interest in taking charge of your own health
  • Unwilling to learn or experiment
  • Won't take 10-15 minutes daily to devote to yourself for the next 27 days…. or can’t right now (Please join us another time!)

Join us! Enjoy these features:

  • 25 years of experience distilled into a 1 hour group coaching on Zoom once a week with an additional 30 minute review at the end of the week.
  • Exercises come in 2 forms:  a downloadable PDF with step by step instructions and still photos - OR a short and sweet video
  • Chose your coaching style: a la carte if you are short on time - OR - the full Zoom replay will be available
  • Please join our private Facebook group because community is essential and everyone learns from everyone else's questions
  • Have questions? Need help? Exercise unclear? Ask these at the 30 minute end of the week coaching session
  • Sad to miss live coaching? We've got you covered with the replay; available within 24 hours
  • Curious why this muscle? Or why this exercise? We've got you covered with concise anatomy lessons
  • Let's document before and after so that you can track your progress & figure out which exercises make you feel the best!

Don't forget: All coaching sessions will be recorded and the replay available if you have to miss the workout.

And that's not all...

How about some other fun treats:

  • Surprise welcome gift with a few tools you'll need for your transformation
  • (2) 10 minute emergency Voxer voice texts with me for sticky situations
  • Flower Power Coachathon halfway through the course where you get personalized, undivided attention
  • BONUS: In-depth core breathing training
  • BONUS: Speed foam rolling strategy video
  • BONUS: 27-day robust journal to craft your personal program

Still on the fence? 

How about the “Step on a Crack" Guarantee? 

We don’t want you to step on a crack and break your mama’s back… so if you complete the 27-day program (attend ALL workout sessions, complete ALL homework, maximize ALL bonuses) and if your back still needs Hack Your Back Pain love?

Please join us for the next cohort of Back Hackers until you feel your pain is under control. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

  • Do I need any fancy equipment? - No, just some floor space and a willingness to learn.

Question 2

  • Do I need a gym membership? - No, but if you have a foam roller, you'd might like to use it.

Question 3

  • Do I need to do this daily? - Yes please, as your new muscles need daily or near daily reinforcing.

Question 4

  • "I have knee pain, will it help that?" - Most likely yes. Your body is a system and one sore part is likely influenced by other sore parts, so if you fix one area, the other areas tend to feel better too.

Question 5

  • How long will this take a day? - I try and keep the exercises to around 20 minutes a day. Once you know them, it will likely take less time.

If you have any other questions contact me at [email protected]

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